An economic and mathematical model for evaluating the nuclear electricity price is proposed, provided the reported costs of all production stages of the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) are represented.

As compared to known pricing models applicable for power generation (plant LCOE models, providing a least-cost generation alternative for complex market models), influences of uncertainties have been reduced due to representation of the integral nuclear-energy complex (NEC) as multiproduct and multiresource production system.

The methodology exploits the Leontief’s interproduct balance model with specific matrix structure, and the technological features of a closed-loop NFC were factored in. The price properties of the modified Leontief’s model have been used for price evaluations. We presume the nuclear power plant (NPP) fixed assets estimates and the reliable prognostic data of the NEC performances are to be available on the annual basis. Conceivable variations of technological parameters can easily be employed to proceed with sensitivity analysis.

The sensitivity of the nuclear electricity price with respect of fixed assets cost has been specified through the ‘production price’ basics and the defining value of the NPP capital cost share has been confirmed, as compared to the working capital impact including the fuel cost value.

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