Hydraulic Control Rod Drive Technology (HCRDT) is a newly invented patent and Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsinghua University owns HCRDT’s independent intellectual property rights. The solenoid valve is the key part of this technology, so the performance of the solenoid valve directly affects the function of the HCRDT. Based on the conditions occurring in the operation of the Control Rod Hydraulic Drive System, the transient electromagnetic field of two types of the direct action solenoid valve is analyzed using the ANSYS software, which is validated by the experiment. The result shows that the electromagnetic force of the solenoid valve increases and time shortens with the voltage increasing or the air gap between the two core decreasing. Another, the electromagnetic force of the two types of solenoid valve is different under the same voltage and air gap. Especially, the force of the solenoid valve with ring seal is better than the one without the ring seal. Furthermore, the dynamic characteristics of the direct action solenoid valve can be optimized by the analysis of transient electromagnetic field.

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