The present paper deals with the investigation of the LFR fuel rod conceptual design proposed in the European Lead cooled System project (ELSY) and in the Advanced Lead Fast Reactor European Demonstrator (ALFRED). Two main objectives are pursued. The first one is to provide a general overview of the status of the LFR fuel rod conceptual design. The main focus is to point out comments related to the pellet pre-design and the methodologies adopted for the preliminary thermo-mechanical assessment of the single fuel rod by means of fuel pin mechanic codes.

The second objective is connected to the analysis of the cladding component. In the long term, LFR fuel rod cladding is expected to be based on Ferritic-Martensitic steels. Since irradiation data on these class of materials in high temperature fluent lead are not available, sodium technology cladding materials are considered and briefly discussed as candidate materials for LFR application in the near to medium term.

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