This paper examines a modification to the typical Regenerative Rankine cycle used in all conventional fossil-fired and nuclear power plants. Modification of the Rankine cycle involves increasing the final feedwater temperature through use of a Reboiler and an Exergetic Heater. It eliminates cycle efficiency from dependency on turbine steam path pressure. The Reboiler boils a portion of high pressure feedwater using, when applied to a fossil-fired system, the mid-point Intermediate Pressure turbine extraction. For the nuclear system, the Reboiler would be bio-fueled fired, having a zero or negative CO2 footprint. The resultant high pressure fluid is fed to a top condensing feedwater heater, thereby increasing the cycle’s final temperature. This work addresses changes in generation, increases in unit efficiency, and, for the fossil-fired, decreases in fuel flow and decreases in CO2 emissions.

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