Physical characteristics of the coolant in the Supercritical-pressure Light Water Cooled Reactor (SCWR) vary greatly near the pseudo-critical point, which will cause variations of core neutron cross section and then bring about power perturbation. Further it will prompt the corresponding thermal parameters of supercritical water changed, and form feedback action, finally resulting in intensely coupled thermal-hydraulics and neutron-physical. Proper fuel assembly has been selected as research object, and the model of multiple parallel channels has been established. In view of this model, using DRAGON code for neutron-physical calculations and developing corresponding thermal-hydraulic programs, and then achieve coupling them through appropriate data interface, the calculation platform established. Finally the power distribution and the corresponding parameters temperature distributions in the model have been predicted. On account of deficiencies reflected in calculations, such as the heterogeneous power distribution, fuel assembly geometry has been changed, for instance the proper peripheral moderator wall has been added based on the preceding assembly, then do the coupling calculations and analyze the results. Comparisons between different results have been made, and the expected aim has been reached, which can prove the rationality of assembly modifications and meanwhile prove the usability of the calculation platform. Thus, modified assembly and the calculation platform could be the calculation foundation in future designs of SCWR.

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