The High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) is the first high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) in Japan. The HTTR is a graphite-moderated and helium gas-cooled reactor with thermal power of 30MW and the maximum reactor outlet coolant temperature of 950°C. Main objectives of the HTTR are to establish and develop HTGR technology and to demonstrate process heat application. The HTTR has conducted two test operations which are safety demonstration test and continuous operation. The safety demonstration tests focus on the verification of the inherent safety features of the HTGR that is the negative reactivity feedback effect of the core brings the reactor power safely to a safe and stable level without a reactor scram and the temperature transient of the reactor is slow in case of anticipated operational occurrences (AOOs). The safety demonstration tests include reactivity insertion test, coolant flow reduction test and loss of forced cooling (LOFC) test. Reactivity insertion test and coolant flow reduction test have been conducted since 2002. These tests demonstrated the inherent safety features of the HTGR in case of reactivity insertion and coolant flow reduction, and provided valuable data for code validation. LOFC test will start in the middle of 2010. LOFC is one of the important accident scenarios in the safety assessment of the HTGR. This test result will show extreme safety features of the HTGR and further improve the safety design approach of the HTGR. Obtained data can be useful to validate plant safety analysis codes. The continuous operation has been conducted to obtain plant data to establish HTGR technology and to demonstrate capability of the HTTR to supply stable heat to heat utilization system for long-term. Two operations of 30-day continuous operation in rated operation mode (in which designed reactor outlet coolant temperature of 850°C) and 50-days continuous operation in high temperature test operation mode (in which designed reactor outlet coolant temperature of 950°C) have been conducted so far. The 30-day continuous operation was achieved in 2007 and a good fuel performance to retain fission products within the coated fuel particle was clarified. The HTTR conducts 50-days continuous operation in 2010 to add useful operation data at high temperature to improve technical basis of HTGR and to realize high temperature heat application of HTGR.

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