Mini-TBM will be tested in chinese LiPb experimenttal loop Dragon-IV to validate the thermal-hydraulic effect of DFLL-TBM, such as dual-flow fields heat transfer, temperature fields, velocity fields, flux distribution of liquid lithium lead and helium gas. It is difficult to measure the detailed dual-flow fields of liquid metal LiPb and helium gas in mini-TBM. Three dimensions numerical analysis of the LiPb and helium gas flow and heat transfer in Mini-Test Blanket Module (TBM) therefore has been carried out using the CFD code FLUENT. The detailed dual-flow fields, which include temperature, velocity, pressure and heat transfer of liquid LiPb and helium gas, are presented to support for the test of mini-TBM, and to supply more robust database and make a significant joint contribution to the future TBM testing in EAST and ITER, and also optimize and improve the design of DFLL-TBM system for ITER.

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