This paper overviews the R&D activity of Water Cooled Ceramic Breeder (WCCB) Blanket in Japan. Japan is performing R&D of WCCB Blanket as the primary candidate of the breeding blanket for the fusion DEMO reactor. Regarding the development of blanket module fabrication technology, a real scale First Wall (FW) was fabricated using Reduced Activation Ferritic Martensitic Steel (RAFMS) F82H. Using fabricated FW mockup, thermo-hydraulic performance and high heat flux tests were successfully performed with the heat flux equivalent to ITER TBM condition, 0.5 MW/m2, 80 cycles with the coolant condition as DEMO, 15 MPa 300 °C. Also, real scale Side Wall (SW) and real scale breeder pebble bed structure have been successfully fabricated. Furthermore, assembling of the real scale FW plate mockup and SW plate mockup was successfully performed. Development of major key technologies for the WCCB TBM structure fabrication has been progress toward the establishment of fabrication technology of WCCB TBM.

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