A conceptual design on neutronics of Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor (FFHR) blanket is presented in this paper. The code system COUPLE2.0, which couples the codes MCNP and ORIGEN2 is uesd to simulate the depletion of nucleus for FFHR blanket. By comparing different kinds of coolant, fission fuel and tritium breeding material etc, light water was selected as the coolant, the U-Zr alloy as fuel and Li4SiO4 as tritium breeding material. The volumetric ratio of showed that under that the coolant to fuel is approximately 2.0. The tritium breeding ratio (TBR) must be larger than 1.0, the keff and the energy multiplication factor of the blanket are both comparatively high, so that high breeding ratio of fuel can obtained under realistic condition of fusion plasma parameters.

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