The Republic of Korea has proposed and designed a helium cooled molten lithium (HCML) test blanket module (TBM) to be tested in the ITER. Ferritic Martensitic Steel (FMS) and beryllium are designed to be used as structural material and armor for the TBM first wall (FW) in this design, respectively. In order to develop the fabrication method for the TBM FW, the joining methods of FMS to FMS and Be to FMS have been developed with hot istotatic pressing (HIP). For joining FMS to FMS, mock-ups were fabricated with an HIP (1050 °C, 100 MPa, 2 hours). For joining Be to FMS, two mock-ups were fabricated with the same method (580 °C, 100 MPa, 2 hours) using different interlayers. Then, in order to evaluate the integrity of the fabricated mock-ups, they were tested at the high heat flux (HHF) test facilities, KoHLTs (Korea Heat Load Test) under 1.0 MW/m2 and 0.5 MW/m2 heat fluxes of up to 1000 cycles.

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