The ITER project is basically an engineering and construction project in order to build the ITER machine which is a scientific experimental fusion device. The seven members of the project have all created legal entities called Domestic Agencies to provide in-kind contributions to the ITER Organization (IO) for the supply of components which are manufactured by their suppliers. According to ITER agreement and due to nuclear safety involved in the fusion process, the project requires a license from the French Nuclear Safety Authority. One of nuclear safety regulations is the French Quality Order. The IO has established a Quality Assurance Program for the construction of the ITER machine to meet the requirements of the Order and to ensure that ITER activities are performed to achieve the safety and performance objectives of the ITER machine. The requirements in the program shall be followed by all performers involved in the project not only the IO, but DAs and their suppliers and subcontractors. This paper represents the quality requirements from the Order, and roles and responsibilities between each performer involved in the project. The paper also shows the main characteristics of the ITER Quality Assurance Program ensuring that all activities performed for the project conform to established and documented requirements.

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