The development of the conceptual design of the IFMIF Target and Test Cell (TTC) is briefly summarized by outlining the previous reference TTC design and the current Modular TTC (MTC) concept. Based on the MTC concept, the latest progresses of the preliminary engineering design of the key TTC components, including the TTC vessel, the Top Shielding Plugs (TSPs), the Removable Intermediate Ring (RIR), and the Test Module Interface Head (TMIH), are described. A specimen flow, based on handling requirements of the High Flux Test Module (HFTM), between the TTC, Access Cell (AC), Test Module Handling Cell (TMHC) and the Post Irradiation Examination (PIE) facilities is proposed as well as the function of the AC and TMHC is preliminary defined. The TMHC is proposed to be divided into a Component Handling Cell (CHC) and a Rig Handling Cell (RHC) regarding the dimension differences of the components to be handled inside of the cells. The recycling of the irradiated specimens for another campaign of irradiation is also considered in this specimen flow.

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