The present Chinese nuclear program is developing vastly and rapidly. The main type of nuclear units under construction currently is the improved generation II PWR (G2+). Taking into account that G2+ is designed based on French M310 type, and one of the technical bases and guidance that NNSA uses to evaluate G2+ is the French RCC codes, AFCEN has authorized CNPRI to translate RCC codes into Chinese version and publish them, in order to facilitate Chinese manufacturers to better apply RCC codes. CNPRI organizes several sub-groups to perform translation, revise, publication and coordination working groups, meanwhile AFCEN provides technical support. Translation is realized based on RCC codes English version, with some reference of French version. Translators work with professional technical background and knowledge, in case of non-clear understanding, including language and technical issues, they raise question list to AFCEN experts for clarification, afterward the answers and comments are merged accordingly into Chinese version translation, to assure the accuration, better understanding and the guidance to Chinese G2+ program.

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