Electric Power Development Co., Ltd has been constructing Ohma Nuclear Power Plant aiming to start commercial operation in Nov. 2014. Ohma Nuclear Power Plant is located in Ohma-town, Aomori Prefecture and is a landmark power plant in which Mixed Oxide fuels can be loaded in the full core of the reactor. Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy Ltd. and Kajima JV, both have extensive experience of nuclear power plant construction, are the main contractors of this project and supply the entire engineering, manufacturing of all major components, and execute the construction and commissioning for the reactor building. Ohma-town is located at the northernmost part of Aomori Prefecture bordering Tsugaru strait, where is exposed to severe cold and constant strong wind in winter. Such severe weather conditions make the construction very hard, however, Hitachi and KAJIMA tries to complete the project on schedule and on budget applying highly reliable advanced construction technologies, such as open-top and parallel construction method, all whether construction method, and large scale modularization technology. The groundbreaking (acquisition of the first construction permission) was already completed in May 2008. Its civil work steadily progressed, and the rock inspection was completed in Oct. 2009. Base mat will be completed in July 2010, and both building work and mechanical work go into full swing after installation of RCCV lower liner module.

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