Shimane Nuclear Power Station Unit No.3 (hereinafter NS-3) with 1,373 MW of maximum electric power being supplied to The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. (Hereafter The Chugoku EPCO) is now under construction together with Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy (HGNE). The groundbreaking (first establishment in construction business permission) was held in Dec. 2005, and is aimed at starting operation in Dec. 2011. HGNE finished installing the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV), the heaviest equipment in the plant in July 2009. HGNE also installed the shroud, one of the most important equipment in Aug. and a giant crawler crane was used for the installation. Regarding electrical equipment, HGNE installed a central control panel into the Control Building (C/B). The installation of main products moves ahead one after another, and the construction is going smoothly. Currently, the main construction has been proceeded to mechanical and electrical work by HGNE from building one by the building contractors. This paper reports the construction status of NS-3 and introduces applied construction technologies and construction management methods.

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