This paper shows research and developments (R&Ds) programs for innovative technology about main components of Japan Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor (JSFR). JSFR is an advanced loop type Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor. Innovative technologies will be adopted in the JSFR for economic competitiveness, enhancing reliability, and safety. The concept of JSFR is to aim at reducing an amount of commodity, by reduction in the number of cooling loops, an adoption of high-chromium steel with low thermal expansion coefficient and high-temperature strength, and shortening a piping length by connection of outlet/inlet piping to an upper part of the reactor vessel, as well as the integration of a pump into IHX. Further, at secondary cooling system, higher reliable Steam Generator with double-walled straight tube using high-chromium steel is adopted. In the Fast Reactor Cycle Technology Development (FaCT) project, a design for JSFR has been executed along design categories such as core design, reactor system, heat transport system, safety design, etc., with corresponding R&Ds.

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