This paper mainly talks about supercritical water cooled reactor (SCWR) fuel assembly which has special character such as moderator channels, two flue pin rows between the moderator channels and the thermal zone of fuel bundle. SABER (Sub-channel Analysis Based on Extended pressure Range) is used for sub-channel analysis of the fuel assembly. It is a self-developed sub-channel thermal-hydraulic analysis code. The code was originally developed to analyze SCWRs. After adding an extended computational cell structure and some new boundary conditions, SABER can simulate the complex flow (the opposite flow direction between moderator channels and coolant channels) in the fuel assembly. SABER can also compute heat exchange between moderator channels and cooling channels. The phenomenon of inverse flow occurs in the moderator channels, was found by sub-channel analysis. The phenomenon is caused by the different heating situation around moderator channels. Some sensitivity analysis of this phenomenon was analyzed in the paper.

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