Irradiated for 4 cycles inside the reactor, the irradiation surveillance capsule (ISC) was withdrawn and transported to Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) for dismantling in the hot cell. This paper presented tensile tests and Charpy-V impact tests on non-irradiated and irradiated specimens. Tensile tests were performed at room temperature and 300 °C respectively, and Charpy-V impact tests were performed at series temperatures. Instrumented impact curves and tensile curves were obtained and analyzed. Impact absorbed energy, lateral expansion and crystallinity transition curves were plotted by a hyperbolic tangent function. The irradiation-induced shift of transition temperature, upper shelf energy, tensile strength and yield strength were determined. And irradiation-embrittlement effect on RPV was evaluated by prediction and measurement of irradiation-induced transition temperature shift. Results showed that the parameters including neutron fluence and transition temperature were in normal range, and the next capsule could be withdrawn according to original irradiation monitoring program.

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