The paper describes basis of a microplane concrete material model which was implemented in a commercial FE -code using user subroutine interface. The material model is called M4. The motivation for this implementation was a need for a concrete model which would perform well in a soft missile impact analysis. Numerical integration over the surface of a unit sphere is crucial to microplane material models. We tested our microplane implementation using several numerical integration formulas presented in literature. The two fairly simple test cases described in this paper revealed clearly the numerical anisotropy induced by the integration formulations. The impact problem was a medium size, medium velocity soft missile impact test case from an international research program. We compared our implementation of M4 model to a tensorial based damage plasticity concrete model and found out that the results were almost identical. However, the numerical results did not agree well with the measurements in this test case. We concluded this disagreement might be consequence of nonlinear phenomena beyond material constitutive relations.

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