Steam generator (SG) is one of the key important equipments to safety of nuclear power plant (NPP), which is covered by NPP ageing management program (AMP). SG tube rapture often takes place due to stress corrosion crack for a long time according to international application. And its reliability is the only one vital weakness of nuclear steam supply system (NSSS), so it is necessary to increase its reliability for safety operation in ageing management (AM) area. Utility engineers and managers frequently use information of their individual SG to optimize SG AM in their plants. However the SG AM data has not always been readily available, thus the Steam Generator Ageing Management Database (SGAMDB) was developed to integrate decentralized information and provide a valuable data center that the data needed could be easily and quickly retrieved, and can serve as the basis platform for optimizing SG ageing evaluation and management. SGAMDB is an online interactive integrated information management system. Some modern information technologies are applied, especially real-time data acquisition and virtual reality technology. The in-situ application of SGAMDB can improve efficiency in SG AM. As the main platform for SG AM, it not only contains all equipment condition information and important operation data that are needed based on data warehouse technology, but also provides fundamental online monitoring, trend analysis, ageing assessment functions and basis data management functions. The assessment models and technology of real-time online monitoring can ensure SG a controllable state during in-service time, find the change of operation environment and adjust the operation condition early, so as to reduce influence for equipment ageing.

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