This article reviews the studies on steam generator tube rupture (SGTR) accident in lead alloy-cooled fast reactors (LFR) and the accelerator-driven transmutation system (ADS) including proposal for visualization test in injection of water into molten lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) and lead (Pb) using neutron radiography. The SGTR and the consequent interaction between LBE/Pb and water, i. e., coolant-coolant interactions (CCI), represents an important concern for the safety of LFR and ADS since the CCI might bring a local core voiding, and even initiate a sloshing motion of liquid metal coolant to damage the vessel, which is similar with fuel-coolant interaction (FCI) in light water reactors (LWR) and sodium-cooled fast reactors. Based on the review of related studies, visualization test in special conditions using neutron radiography is proposed to investigate this transient thermal-hydraulic phenomenon.

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