The concept of the liquid lithium target system for the boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) using an accelerator was formulated. A lithium flow loop was designed and fabricated for development of lithium jet nozzles that provide a stable lithium plane jet. A water flow loop was designed, fabricated and used for development of lithium jet nozzles. Experiment of water plane jet was conducted to investigate the stability of high velocity plane jets. A large amount of droplets were entrained from the jet surface when the jet was unstable. The jet was observed by being illuminated with a stroboscope. It was found that a stable plane jet was realized by using a nozzle with the gap of 0.5mm and the length of 70mm. It was concluded that a fully developed flow without inlet disturbances at the outlet of the nozzle was required for the stability of the high velocity plane jet.

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