This paper shows the experiments of the flow rate distribution measurements of air-water two-phase flow in vertical multi-branch carried out on the Gas-liquid two-phase flow fluid and flow rate distribution experimental platform, and discusses the laws and the Characteristics of two phase flow distribution in the multi-branch by changing the water flow rate or the air flow rate under the condition of fix the flow rate of the other phase, then analyzes the degree of the flow deviation of both two phases in branches by calculating the standard deviations of each working condition. The experiments show that the flow distributions of both two phases are very uneven. There was much air but little water flows into the branches which were close to the inlets of the distributor, but in the branches which were far away from the inlets of the distributor, the situation was opposite to the previous one. The types of the flow pattern in each branch in every working condition were obtained through the Hewitt-Robert flow pattern picture. As the flow rate of air increased, the annular pattern would spread from the branches which are close to the inlets of the distributor to the ones which are far away from the inlets of the distributor.

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