In the design of some passive PWRs, Reactor Coolant Pump (RCP) is welded directly to the Steam Generator (SG) channel head. This design cancels the support of RCP and simplifies the layout of Reactor coolant system. What’s more, this design also do good to the mitigation of SBLOCA. But this design makes the flow field in the SG channel head and RCP inlet complex and there may be vortex in this flow field for which reason the SG outlet resistance will increase and affect the long-term steady operation. For this issue, some company made tests on it. But the cost of test is high and the applicability of the test result is limited. If the parameters or components size changed a little, the test result will be no longer applicable. To solve this problem, this article considers using 3-D CFD flow field analysis software to analyse the SG and RCP coupled flow field. Through steps of 3D model establishing – meshing in Gambit – analyzing in Fluent, this paper obtains the flow filed condition of SG-RCP coupled part during normal operation and so as to support plant design.

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