Two fluid model integrating a set of closure relationships (such as inter-phase heat transfer model, inter-phase mass transfer model, inter-phase momentum transfer model, mean bubble diameter model, bubble departure diameter model, bubble departure frequency model, onset of nucleate boiling model, wall heat flux partition model) are applied to solve the local flow and heat transfer of subcooled flow boiling under low pressure, and local flow parameters such as volume fraction, liquid velocity, vapor phase etc. are obtained using developed code. The subcooled flow boiling results predicted in this paper are compared to the subcooled flow boiling experimental results of TH Lee etc. in annular channel with inner tube heated uniformly and adiabatic outer tube, and they agree well. The code can also be used to predict the multiphase flow field in power reactor core when the subcooled flow boiling take place and the critical heat flux of Departure Nucleate Boiling (DNB) in reactor core and it is meaningful for reactor core design.

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