How to get the position, direction and width of buried fault effectively is still very difficult when finding buried faults by measuring 222Rn radioactivity. In this paper we established a technique to carry out buried fault investigation. It was based on Fick’s fist law, Darcy’s law and theory of clusters to analyze radon transportation and simulate 222Rn transportation in ideal conditions. The feasibility indicates that measuring or investigating the concentration of radon to find abnormal region can help people find buried faults. 218Po and 214Po, daughter products of 222Rn, are generally considered to be proportional to initial concentration of 222Rn. 218Po and 214Po have short half-life of 3.05 min and 164us respectively which is very suitable for actual measure work. So in order to accumulate alpha particles effectively, soil gas sampling period is set about twice half-life of 218Po. The established model is applied to analyze two buried fault areas in Southwest China and the results are really much better.

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