A sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR), SFR-600, is under development at KAERI. Its fuel is the metal fuel of U-TRU-Zr and it uses sodium as coolant. Its advantages are found in the aspects of an excellent uranium resource utilization, inherent safety features, and non-proliferation. SFR-600 has passive safety features such as passive shutdown functions, passive pump coast-down features, and passive decay heat removal systems. It has inherent reactivity feedback effects. The probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) will be one of the initiating subjects for designing it from the aspects of a risk informed design (RID) as well as a technology-neutral licensing (TNL). Accident scenarios which lead to the core damage should be identified for the development of a Level-1 PSA model. Preliminary level 1 PSA models and the results for the metal fuel SFR-600 conceptual design are introduced here.

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