Nowadays, there is a general consensus that establishing nuclear regulations concerning human factors engineering (HFE) is an important issue. NUREG-0711, original version published in 1994, was developed under such assumptions. And it soon became a common reference for nuclear power plant reviewers and designers. Lungmen NPP is the first ABWR plant in Taiwan and is under construction now. Taipower Company signed the contract for Lungmen Project with General Electric Company in 1995. By Lungmen Project Bid Specification, GE should take the responsibility to design the main control room according to the last version of HFE regulation that is NUREG-0711 version zero. Up to the present, NRC has modified NUREG-0711 twice on the basis of evaluating experiences and users’ feedback from different fields. But the Lungmen NPP has not finished yet. No doubt, the modifications not only make the regulation state-of-the-art but practicable. How to cope with this asynchronous problem between contracts and modification is a critical concern. In this article, we present our resolutions on this issue. Step one; comparing the differences between NUREG-0711 version zero and two. Step two; figuring out what meanings and intent are behind these changes. Step three; following the version zero regulation and taking advanced principle into consideration at the same time. Implementation according to old version regulation and taking the advanced intent and principle from step 2 is a practice resolution from the experience of Lungmen NPP. Those experiences will be helpful for human factors engineering activities on update the advanced main control room of nuclear power plant in the near future.

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