The 89Zr radioisotope is used in the field of tumor diagnostics, tumor therapy and the investigation of the biokinetic. The present work is investigated a suitable reaction to produce 89Zr..The Zirconium-89 excitation function via 89Y(p,n)89Zr, 89Y(d,2n)89Zr, natZr(p,pxn)89Zr, natSr(α,xn)89Zr and 90Zr(n,2n)89Zr reactions were calculated by ALICE-91 and TALYS-1.0 codes and the reaction of 89Y(p,n)89Zr has been selected. The calculated excitation function of 89Y(p,n)89Zr reaction was compared with the reported measurement and evaluations. Requisite thickness of targets was obtained by SRIM code for all above reactions except the 90Zr(n,2n)89Zr reaction. The 89Zr production yield was evaluated with attention to excitation function and stopping power for all above reactions except 90Zr(n,2n)89Zr reaction.

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