Neutron energy spectrum and fluence of the devices in a reactor are important parameters for the users. In this paper, the thermal neutron spectrum of the thermal column in Xi’an pulse reactor were measurement by the method of time of flight (TOF), and the peak of the energy spectrum is 0.0248±0.0006eV and the neutrons average energy is 0.048±0.001eV. With the spectrum results, the average cross section of 235U(n,f) and 197Au(n,γ) were calculated are respectively 92.08barn and 538.86barn. With the average cross sections, we measured the neutron fluence with the fission chamber and 197Au(n, γ) activation method. The measurements of the two methods are respectively 1.08×109n/m2s and 1.13×109n/m2s. We also calculated the standard uncertainty of the measurements: the energy spectrums’ is less than 5%, and the neutron fluence’ is less than 2.2%.

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