The mathematic models of reactor, once-through steam generator and turbine are built based on the mass, energy and momentum conservation theorem. Because of serious coupling and different dynamic characteristic, the coordinated control that solves big system problem is presented to apply into the nuclear power plant after researching deeply the variety feature and coupling relation of primary parameters of the nuclear power plant. The coordinated control system is filled with manage control, coordinated control and bottom controller. The simulation is processed by changing turbine load. Compared with non-coordinated control system, the coordinated control system improves briefly the dynamic feature of nuclear power plant. The fuzzy decoupled control strategy between once-through steam generator and turbine is proposed. The fuzzy decoupled frame including a compensator and design method of the decoupled compensator are given, the fuzzy rules are applied in the decoupled compensator. Finally, a fuzzy decoupled control system is designed in detail with a two inputs and two outputs’ system, which is applied in the coordinated control system of the nuclear power plant. The simulation results show that the coordinated control system based on the decoupled strategies is better than the coordinated control system, which weakens the couple connection, reduces the fluctuation of exit steam pressure by adjusting the feedwater flux.

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