The objective of this paper is to calculate heat losses from a CANDU-6 fuel-channel while modifying it according to the specified operating pressure and temperature conditions of SuperCritical Water-cooled Reactors (SCWRs). Heat losses from the coolant to the moderator are significant in a SCWR because of high operating temperatures (i.e., 350–625°C). This has adverse effects on the overall thermal efficiency of the Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), so it is necessary to determine the amount of heat losses from fuel-channels proposed for SCWRs. Inconel-718 was chosen as a pressure tube (PT) material and PT minimum required thickness was calculated in accordance with the coolant’s maximum operating pressure and temperature. The heat losses from the fuel-channel were calculated along the heated length of the fuel-channel. Steady-state one-dimensional heat-transfer analysis was conducted, and programming in MATLAB was performed. The fuel-channel was divided into small segments and for each segment thermal resistances of the fuel-channel components were analyzed. Further, the thermophysical properties of the coolant, annulus gas, and moderator were retrieved from the NIST REFPROP software. The analysis outcome resulted in a total heat loss of 29.3 kW per fuel-channel when the pressure of the annulus gas was 0.3 MPa.

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