This paper presents the analysis determining the status of fuel rods after whole normal operation. The FEMAXI–6 code was selected for such analysis. Evaluating the specifics of RBMK fuel rods, the adaptation of code was provided. After the adaptation of FEMAXI-6 code, the single fuel rod model of RBMK-1500 was developed and the processes, which occur during whole life of fuel rods, were analyzed. For this analysis the fuel rod from fuel channel with average initial power (2.5 MW) was selected. After (normal) operation the fuel rods from the reactor are transferred to the spent fuel pool and the state of the fuel rods (intactness of cladding, residual stresses in the cladding and fuel pellets, gap between cladding and pellets and etc.) is very important, because fuel rod cladding is one of the safety barriers. In this paper the stresses in cladding, plastic deformation of cladding and other parameters were calculated using FEMAXI-6 and method of final elements. The performed analysis demonstrates possibility to identify state of fuel rods after normal operation that is necessary for long-term fuel storage in spent fuel pools.

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