A CANDU-SCWR core is designed by using a 3D neutronics/thermal-hydraulic coupling method. In the fuel channel design, a typical 43-element fuel bundle is used, the coolant and the moderator are supercritical water and heavy water respectively. The thickness of the moderator is optimized to ensure the negative coolant coefficient during operation. With 1220 MW electric power, the reactor core is designed with a diameter of 4.8m and length of 4.95m, and there are totally 300 fuel channels, each of which consists of 10 fuel bundles. The inlet coolant temperature is set to be 350 °C °C and the operation pressure is 25 MPa. In order to flatten the radial power distribution, the loading pattern of the equilibrium cycle is optimized, and an optimized fuel management scheme is used with three batches refueling, burnable poison Dy2O3 is used to flatten the power peaking. The numerical results show that the average power density is 42.75 W/cm3, while the maximum linear element rate (LER) is 575W/cm. The average discharged burnup of the equilibrium is 48.3GWD/tU, and a high average outlet coolant temperature of 625 °C is achieved with a maximum cladding surface temperature less than 850 °C. Besides, the coolant temperature coefficient is negative throughout the cycle.

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