RELAP/SCDAPSIM, designed to predict the behavior of reactor systems during normal and accident conditions, is being developed as part of the international SCDAP Development and Training Program (SDTP). RELSIM, an advanced interactive simulator Graphical User Interface, is a commercially available package being developed by Risk Management Associates (RMA). The combined package, RELSIM-RELAP/SCDAPSIM, is being used for training of university students and other novice reactor systems analysts to help them understand how complex thermal hydraulic and/or reactor systems perform under realistic and postulated conditions. RELAP/SCDAPSIM uses internationally developed and validated system thermal hydraulic, fuel behavior, and severe accident models in combination with a flexible building block approach to model thermal hydraulic and reactor systems. RELSIM also uses a building block approach and user defined graphics screens in combination with the ability to interactively control the RELAP/SCDAPSIM simulation. As a result, students and analysts can use the package to describe both simple and complex thermal hydraulic systems ranging from simple pipes and university-scale experimental facilities up through current and conceptual reactor systems. This paper gives a brief description of the RELSIM-RELAP/SCDAPSIM package and then provides a discussion of how the package is being used for student and analyst training, The discussion includes the development of training tutorials and videos for novice users, the development of representative sample problems and graphics displays, and the type of training provided to support the users. A case study is presented in the paper outlining the sample problems and displays for use in novice RELAP5 and RELAP/SCDAPSIM user training classes.

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