Nuclear power is a safe, clean and economic energy source. The growth of the nuclear power option is impeded in many countries by public concerns over the safety and environmental consequences of producing electricity by means of nuclear reactors. Nuclear power is more compatible with the environment through reduction in emission of green-house gases, fuel diversification, and energy security. Public concern has been expressed in most countries about the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, and this public concern has in many cases led to postponement or failure to start or expand nuclear power programs, and in some cases even caused a retrenchment of existing programs. This paper examines the nature and causes of public concerns about the development nuclear power and the need for public understanding and acceptance of nuclear energy. Some preliminary results on public opinion survey on nuclear energy in Bangladesh are presented in this report. Preliminary survey shows that, Bangladeshi people have a quite satisfactory rate of support to nuclear energy development, which exceeds 60%.

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