Transmutation of the nuclear waste which contains MA and FP is important and necessary. Because the major MA and FP’s nucleus densities is large in transmutation calculation, now existing multi-group WIMS libraries are not suitable for transmutation calculation. This paper makes a study for the parameters value choice such as weight spectrum and background cross-section σ0 in NJOY. With the new parameters value, produce suitable multi-group data of FP and a new library for transmutation calculation. In purpose of comparing these two libraries, build a simple transmutation cell model in HFETR. Achieve the cell calculation separately by WIMSD with new library and original library. Then compare the results of parameters such as K-INF, flux, and absorption reactions. The results show that the values of these parameters are different in resonance energy range, so it is necessary to think over the resonance of FP when a multi-group library is produced for thermal reactor transmutation.

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