Nuclear data library is the cornerstone in the nuclear reactor’s design and calculation. The WIMS-D multi-group library and ACE format library (mainly used in MCNP) is applied frequently in the nuclear calculation. We have developed a new self-shielding calculation procedure based on Wavelets scaling function expansion method. This procedure needs several parts in both WIMS-D and ACE format library. So the consistency of two libraries becomes a very serious problem. This may bring in large errors. In this paper, NJOY cross section processing system is used to produce new WIMS-D and ACE format library from the same ENDF/B data. We compute some homogenous problems using new and old libraries in WIMS-D and ACE format. The results of the two new libraries and the old libraries are compared respectively. It is found that there are consistency problems between the two libraries. The newly produced libraries are more compatible than the old ones.

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