Resonance self-shielding calculation is very important in reactor physics calculation. Conventional resonance calculation method has some fundamental defects, which hinders its application in some problems. The Hyperfine Energy Group Resonance Calculation Method is studied in this paper and a code named UFOP is developed based on this method. In this method, the resonance energy range is divided into hyperfine energy intervals (tens of thousands) and the collision probabilities are calculated. Then the slowing-down equation is directly solved based on CPM (collision probability method). Some techniques are applied in solving the slowing-down equation for improving computational efficiency and reducing calculation error. A resonance benchmark problem with homogeneous and infinite material is calculated to validate the accuracy of the computation code and the hyper-fine group cross-section library utilized in the code. A PWR fuel cell is also calculated and the results are compared with MCNP. The results show good accuracy of this method and the validity of UFOP code.

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