Environmental protection requirement is more and more critical now, and it increases the request to prevent dangerous liquid to leak outside in nuclear power plant too. Centrifugal pumps are the most important active equipments in nuclear power plant, but there is a shaft clearance between rotor and stator of centrifugal pump. The shaft clearance can lead pumped fluid to the outside, so the environment may be polluted by the leakage. In some critical conditions such as transferring high radioactive fluid in the pump, the leakage shall be totally forbidden. So solutions have to be found to make centrifugal pumps totally leak-free for applications in nuclear power plant. Normally there are three leak-free technologies for centrifugal pumps: mechanical seal with auxiliary system, canned motor and magnetic drive. In this paper, all the three leak-free technologies and some of their applications in EPR 3rd generation PWR nuclear power plants are presented and discussed. The results show that in EPR nuclear power plant, canned motor pumps can be preferably used for strict environmental requirement of leak-free if the pump power and operating conditions are applicable. For other conditions, pumps with double mechanical seal can also be used with additional sealing water system support. For centrifugal pumps with magnetic drive are not so applicable in high pressure condition, and the safety aspect is weaker than canned motor pumps, generally they are not used in EPR nuclear power plant at present.

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