Due to the digital modernization of nuclear power plants, along with the prevalence of connectivity between safety systems and other systems, cyber security has become a significant issue during the development and operation of nuclear digital instrumentation and controls (I&C) safety systems. To mitigate this issue, cyber security may be integrated into the design and development process of digital safety systems. Cyber security features that ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability may be integrated into the design of these systems. In addition, a robust information security program should be implemented to secure the development environment of these digital systems to prevent malicious manipulation of the system while under development. However, concerns have been raised regarding the effect that such cyber security features may have on the performance and operation of safety systems. The intent of this paper is to address these concerns by demonstrating how cyber security features can be integrated into the design of safety systems. Specifically, this paper demonstrates how several safety features can also be utilized to enforce cyber security, and how several additional cyber security features may be integrated into the safety system design without degrading safety functions. Furthermore, this paper discusses how configuration management and access control during the development process can mitigate cyber security concerns by preventing unauthorized manipulation of the system while under development.

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