This paper presents the results obtained from the IBE-CNC/DAQ-090827 project, conducted by the company “Titania Servicios Tecnolo´gicos, S.L.” in collaboration with the “Instituto de Seguridad Industrial, Radiofi´sica y Medioambiental” (ISIRYM), in the “Universidad Polite´cnica de Valencia”, for the company “Iberdrola Generacio´n S.A”. The objective is the acquisition of the pressure sensor signal and the measurement at points C85 and N32 from the cabin of the Turbine Control System in Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant. With the study of previous data, one can obtain the Bode plot of the crossed signals as requested in the technical specification IM 0191 I. Frequency response (i.e. how the system varies its gain and offset depending on the frequency) defines the dynamics.

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