Mitsubishi digital safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system has been developed and approved in Japan. The digital I&C system has been applied to many safety and non-safety system applications including full digital I&C system for new plants and digital upgrading for operating plants in Japanese Pressurizer Water Reactor (PWR) plants. The digital I&C system ensures defense-in-depth and diversity for plant safety and control, and this feature also provides countermeasures against software common cause failures. Based on this proven technology, the digital I&C system will also be applied for the US-APWR in the U.S. plant. The US-APWR is one of the candidate reactor of future nuclear power plants in U.S., which has been developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) modifying Japanese Advanced Pressurizer Water Reactor (APWR) design to comply with U.S codes and standards. The I&C system of the US-APWR also conforms to the U.S. regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. The safety I&C system design and digital platform for the US-APWR are summarized into topical reports and are currently reviewing by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The I&C system includes Human System Interface System (HSIS), Protection and Safety Monitoring System (PSMS), Plant Control and Monitoring System (PCMS) and Diverse Actuation System (DAS). The paper describes our digital I&C design features and application of the digital I&C system to new plants and digital upgrading for operating PWR plants.

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