In the field of system and control, the treating for nonlinear system is always the hot issue in present research. The multi-model method is an important method for solving the nonlinear problem. In traditional solution, the performance of multi-model simulation is not convenient enough. In this paper, a simple, visual and convenient simulation technique is introduced. The toolbox “Simulink” which is derived from the software “Matlab” is used for simulating dynamic process. As a new original attempt, the transfer functions of system models are transformed to module charts. According to the module charts, the multi-model system module is built. The advantage of this technique is that: the coefficients in transfer functions are online controllable. Then the switch and connecting rules between sub-models are introduced. The switch and connecting rules are designed according to the actual case. All of above elements will be designed to module in Simulink workspace. Finally, an illustration is taken. With using the method recommended in this paper, the operation of the simulation is visual, simple and convenient. The technique recommended in this paper can also be suitable for other fields which include nonlinear system.

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