An Adaptive Unbalance Vibration Control (AUVC) method is studied based on the flexible active magnetic bearing-rotor experimental system AMB-PII, which is built up to simulate the helium turbo compressor rotor of the 10MW high temperature gas-cooled reactor with direct cycle (HTR-10GT) in compliance with the dynamic similarity principle. By constructing the required frequency compensation signal automatically through different feedforward approaches, two types of control methods are realized: the “displacement nulling” control which can effectively cancel the rotor vibration amplitude within the system bandwidth, and the “current nulling” method which can let the rotor rotate around its inertia axis and eliminate the disturbances of the currents in the electromagnet windings to significantly attenuate the mechanical vibration. The simulation and experimental results have proved that this kind of AUVC integrating feedforward algorithm can achieve good performance improvements, which will provide good experience and design references for the future application of magnetic bearings in the HTR-10GT project.

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