The paper describes a new human-machine (HMI) interface of the VR-1 nuclear training reactor at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The VR-1 reactor is primarily used for training of university students and future nuclear power plant staff. The new HMI was designed to meet functional, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements. It contains a PC with two monitors. The first alphanumerical monitor presents text messages about the reactor operation and status; next, the operator can enter commands to control the reactor operation. The second graphical monitor provides parameters of reactor operation and shows the course of the reactor power and other parameters. Furthermore, it is able to display the core configuration, perform reactivity calculations, etc. The HMI is also equipped with an alarm annunciator. Due to a high number of foreign students and visitors at the reactor, the Czech and English language versions of the user interface are available. The HMI contains also a History server which provides a very detailed storage and future presentation of the reactor operation. The new HMI improves safety and comfort of the reactor utilization, facilitates experiments and training, and provides better support for foreign visitors.

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