Key challenges caused by implementation of diversity-oriented approach and FPGA technology are discussed in context of NPP I&C systems safety. National and international standards containing the requirements to diversity application in NPP I&C systems are analyzed. A few evolution stages of multi-version NPP I&C systems (Reactor Trip Systems) are described taking into account different types of version redundancy (hardware, software, FPGA diversity). Main attention is attended to the methods of increasing tolerance of NPP I&C systems to physical and design faults using multiversion technologies. A life cycle model and multi-version technologies of FPGA-based I&C systems development are analyzed. Implementation results of safety-critical NPP I&Cs developed by RPC “Radiy” using FPGA technology are described. The FPGA-based platform RADIY™ ensures scalability system functions, dependability and diversity. More than 20 different FPGA-based I&C systems were successfully developed, produced and implemented on the NPPs of Ukraine and Bulgaria during last five years.

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