In the past, the human machine interface is not computerized and the analysis tools are lack. So that most of previous researches of operator performance focused on the performance of individual operator rather than on the team performance. The relationships between team performance and individual performance are very close, but the team performance is not exactly equal to the sum of individual performance. The complexity of team performance evaluation is much higher than that of individual performance evaluation. Along with the development of new technology, especially the computerized technology, such as eye tracking tool and video recorder, team performance could be observed and measured. In NPP (Nuclear Power Plant), the operator performance of team work is closed to the safety of the whole plant. So the operators needed to be paid high attention to team performance. In order to improve the operator performance (including individual and team performance) base on the computerized human machine interface, this study bends to develop a real-time warning model for assessing team performance through the mental workload and human reliability evaluation. According to the analysis result, it could be as reference to modify the design about human machine interface in order to increase system safety and team performance of NPP.

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