Recently Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) is becoming more important to the safety of nuclear power plant (NPP). As the reliability of the NPP equipments have been increased more higher, HRA should be developed in order to guarantee the better safety of NPP. By the collection of human performance about operators in main control room of NPP, especially in accident situation, it is very important to enhance the human reliability. This paper chooses Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) and Steam Generator Tube Rupture (SGTR) as the initiating events, and base on this, some loss of other equipment or system have been added. Then the process that the operators deal with the accidents has been recorded in the accident situation in order to get reasonable human performance data. After we analyzed all of these video by some tools such as eye tracking tool, some items have been found which are very important to the human reliability such as training level, operation task, human-machine interface, surrounding, team work, etc. According to the analysis of the human performance result, we have evaluated the computerized human machine interface. As a result, it also could be benefit to improve the design of NPP, specially the design of main control room.

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