This paper focuses on the technical improvements for Human System Interface (HSI) implemented to be designed to manage normal and accidental situation of the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) on the LING AO 3&4 nuclear plants project under construction in the South of China. Regarding the operation principles of the NPPs, two major improvements on the LAO 3&4 NPPs are introduced: Implementation of a Digital Control System (DCS) combined with a computerized Human System Interface and backed-up with a conventional control mean Back-up panel (BUP). Some technical improvements for HSIs such as State Oriented Procedures (SOP), Large Display Panel (LDP), Computerized-base procedures, Advanced alarm system, Safety Parameter Display system (SPDS) are detailed in this paper. Finally, in the scope of these studies, the human factors considerations are considered in order to reduce the likelihood of human errors, to gain maximum benefit of the implemented technology and to increase the performance.

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